Japanese words you would like to request

I will make words or a short sentence into Japanese calligraphy work based on your request! I will translate your country’s language into Japanese and make it calligraphy.

File specifications
File type: IMG/PNG
Color Mode: RGB
Resolution: 300dpi
Campus size; approx. 9.6 x 13inch

Price; $ 10

Example: 'Cherry blossoms' = 'Sakura(桜)'
Example: ‘Cherry blossoms’ = ‘Sakura(桜)’
Example: 'Continuation is power' = 'Keizoku wa chikara nari(継続は力なり)'
Example: ‘Continuation is power’ = ‘Keizoku wa chikara nari(継続は力なり)’

Please submit using the below form. I will get back to you by email within 48 hours. First of all, I will provide several patterns of Japanese.

    Displaying the copyright holder name and maintaining the ratio of the work.
    ‘© Sou Syuu & Gens Japan’ (It is ok with lowercase)
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