Conditions for using download files

Displaying the copyright holder name and maintaining the ratio of the work.
* © Sou Syuu & Gens Japan (It is ok with lowercase)


● Purpose of use

・ Interior, flag, signboard, POP, and other display design materials.
・ Design materials for magazines, books, posters, leaflets, proposals, etc. (excluding commercial advertisements)
・ Design materials for websites, videos, game apps, etc.
・Printing on metal, plastic, cloth, wood, stone, etc.

Not permitted
It is prohibited to commercialize or sell the work itself, make/sell products including the work, or use it for the following advertisements.

・ Print and sell as a product.
・ Sales as part of the design.
・ Enable public distribution, redistribute on CD / DVD, etc., and sell.
・ Commercial advertisements such as video advertisements, newspaper advertisements, magazine advertisements, etc.

* We also welcome request to quote for advertising designs including calligraphy and commercialization.

● Processing

・ Color change, size change.
・ Combination with other illustrations and photos.
・ Deletion of signature and imprint.

Not permitted
・ Change ratio of work.
・ Cut and divide a part of the work (excluding signature and imprint).

Please contact us if you have any questions.